Samsung Galaxy S10 Specification & Price

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1: Latest Android operating system Oreo 8.0.

2: fast in multitasking.

3: Super AMOLED technology for better viewing quality.

4: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

5: Always on technology for alerts and notifications.

6: Fingerprint sensor enhanced.

7: DSLR quality Cameras.

8: Advanced Facial Recognition System.


1: expensive device.

2: not easy to be carried.


, and reports and considering the above article both upcoming Samsung S Series mobile phone is compelling, fast and quick which will perform all tasks without any hurdle. The users will love these future Samsung phones.

These just assumptions and reports from various news sources and websites, we are not 100 percent sure. The reality may be opposite. All the info will be available when we get confirmed new from Samsung and its officials.

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