Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date

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Samsung Galaxy X Price

Samsung Galaxy X Price:

The First Bendable and Foldable phone from Samsung Franchise is about to come in near future. So behold for this mighty phone and piece of art. Now the first question is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy X phone which is not known by any of the Samsung Official or they are trying to conceal the real and untold story. On the other hand, the 2nd question that we think about this forthcoming Samsung galaxy X phone is the price.

The Samsung galaxy X Price will be around 1000K Dollars to 2000 Dollars. These are just assumptions and expected price from Samsung Flagship. To know the exact price of the Samsung Galaxy X phone we have to wait until Samsung Officially announces the price of upcoming Galaxy X phone. Until then stay connected with Samsungmobilespecs.come for more updates and info.

Samsung Galaxy X GSMARENA:

There are different websites and blogs which are focusing on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy X phone. There are hundreds of article from different website writing about the Samsung YOUM phone and its expected specs and prices. The Samsung Galaxy X GSMARENA is one of the reliable sources where you can get the right and updated info other than

Galaxy X Folding Phone:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date foldable

As we know that there are different names of the Samsung Galaxy X phone at the same time. It is due to the shape and form of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy YOUM mobile phone. The device is coming with a foldable and bendable screen which makes it a Galaxy X Folding phone.

Samsung is continuously working and experimenting on its upcoming Galaxy X Foldable phone to make it perfect. But there are some hurdles and issues which are making difficulties in the release of the Galaxy X Folding phone.

To be Precise the Samsung is eagerly desperate to announce this Samsung Galaxy YOUM phone and bendable phone before anyone else does. There are new around the web that The LG and Some other Android OS phone companies are doing the same research to make a fully Foldable and bendable mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy X Glass:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date design

The Korean Giant is making a mysterious mobile phone which will have the ability to bend and fold. Now the question arises how is it possible for a mobile device to fold and bend without being damaged?

The Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy X Glass which will be immune from any damage or breaking. The real story will come out when this Samsung galaxy X phone or Galaxy YOUM device gets a release date. Until then we have to wait for the updated and reliable news.

Samsung Foldable Phone Price:

The Samsung Galaxy X or the Samsung Foldable Phone price is a mystery. No one knows the price of this most awaited mobile device. You can find different prices of the Same Samsung Foldable phone over the internet. All of these Samsung Foldable Phone Prices are just rumours and expectations

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date:

Like the Samsung Galaxy X mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 remained in discussion and assumptions regarding its release date and specs. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Release date is around the month of April 2018. The Pre-Orders are now open on various websites including Samsung Official Site.

Samsung Galaxy X 2017:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date 2017

The work on the Samsung Galaxy X or foldable and Bendable phone from Samsung has started way back in the past. It is the dream of the Korean mobile company to launch the Samsung Galaxy X phone. Back in the history, there were rumours that the Bendable phone will come on the market in 2017, due to which the Galaxy X was named as Samsung Galaxy X 2017.

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Samsung Galaxy X Price

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