Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification 2018

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification featured
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Samsung galaxy c10 Pros and Cons


1: Upgraded and latest Android Operating System Nougat 7.1

2: 6Gb of massive RAM installed inside the device.

3: Super AMOLED screen makes the device very beautiful.

4: IP 68 certified device.

5: Corning Gorilla Galas Protection.

7: Superior Processor which can handle extreme tasks and functions.

8: Bluetooth 5.0 support.

9: outstanding camera quality.

10: the 6-inch giant screen


1: Non-removable battery.

2: This device doesn’t have the feature of facial recognition.

3: The battery backup is just fine, not up to the mark.


Considering the above article and complete specification of Samsung Galaxy C10 smartphone this device is a masterpiece and has a great tendency to rule the mobile kingdom. With such specification and unique features, it will soon become the best smartphone of the year.
Those were just assumptions the real story will come when Samsung Galaxy C10 gets a release date.
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Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification MAin

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Samsung galaxy c10 Pros and Cons

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