Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification 2018

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Samsung Galaxy C10 Processor and Ram


Samsung Galaxy C10 Processor:

The Samsung  C10 smartphone will have an advanced and brilliant processer which will be very fast and quick in multitasking and extreme functions. This device will be having an Octa-core processor, QUALCOMM MSM8956 Plus Snapdragon 660 CPU for faster speed and functions.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification processor

Samsung Galaxy C10 RAM:

RAM is one of the most important parts of any mobile phone, if there is less RAM installed inside the smartphone, the Device will be slower.
Samsung C10 will have a RAM of 6 GB, which is a great achievement for mobile phone. Due to the increased and higher RAM Galaxy, C10 will go faster, it will run all the software and applications without any hurdle. It will be fun playing 3D games on Samsung Galaxy C10.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification whats new 6gb

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